Wheel removal

IMG_4202aRemoving wheel stuff needed:
1. Long pipe to have leverage with #2 for those stubborn lug nuts that are tough to loosen
2. Lug wrench
3. Scissor jack that’s placed under the manufacturer’s guidance for safe jacking points under the car
4. Power socket wrench to quickly lift the car. When you don’t have much space for those hydraulic jacks this is a great tool to have.
5. A pin to use with #4 to insert/remove socket. I used an allen key, but you can use a nail.
6. 17mm deep socket to remove lug nuts
7. Wheel lock key (if needed)
8. Pin that’s available in the trunk of the car to remove the hub cap #9. Use this pin to insert into the little hole in #9 and gently pull out

When putting the wheel back on, tighten the lug nuts to manufacturer specs which should be in the user guide.  For this car I need to use 90 ft-lbs  It’s recommended to use a torque wrench.