Audi S7 Oil Change

Getting everything setup:
1. Raise the suspension to get as much clearance as possible when going up the ramp and working under the car. Put wheel chaulks at the rear of the car.
2. Align the ramps with the front wheels, and put some cement blocks or anything heavy to prevent the ramps from sliding on the garage floor
3. Engage the emergency parking brake
4. Open the trunk by pulling the lever in the footwell beside the door

Tools and parts needed:

a. Socket wrenches 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″
b. T30 Torx bit
c. 12 Point XZN
d. triple square 12 point bit. size 8
e. Hex bit adaptor size 6mm
f. 34mm socket to remove filter housing
g. OEM filter replacement kit part number 079 198 405 D
h. full synthetic 0w40. 9 quarts to fill up
i. Crush ring N 013 815 7 VAG for drain plugRemove the panel underneath the car.  Use the hex bit to remove the first drain by the driver sideRemove the drain plug with the hex bit from the oil filter canister

Use the small o ring from the oil filter kit to replace the drain plug for the oil filter canister torque drain plugs to 21 ft-lb or 252 inch lb

Using the 32mm socket, remove the oil filter canister and drain oil.  After removing the oil filter canister replace the oil filter and rubber o ring provided with the oil filter kit.

Tighten oil filter cannister 25 Nm

Remove the oil filter cap, and pour 9 quarts of oil.

Perform systems – reset service interval.

Warm up the engine and check the oil level using the MMI interface