MR2 Berk Exhaust

Berk has this 3″ diameter cat back dual exhaust system that I picked up to get a few more horses out of the MR2.  The exhaust looks really nicely packaged.

I was looking to get the exhaust put in by a shop instead of having to do it myself.  The message boards, and the MR2 BGB has some general guidelines that when I read it thought it would be fairly easy

First impressions of the exhaust:

Noise:  It’s definately louder than the stock exhaust system.  At idle it has a nice low humm.  At half throttle when cruising it’s noticeably louder, but not to the point where you can’t have a normal conversation with the passenger.  Gets pretty loud when you stomp on at wide open throttle.

Performance:  I can feel it’s more responsive and feel it pull much quicker.  Haven’t had much time to really put the exhaust through its paces.  But from the manufacturer’s website, it says HP power gains from 20-50WHP vs stock.

Appearance:  Very nice fit and appearance.  Tucks in nicely and the exhaust tips are polished.

Kit’s Miracle Mile 2009 10k run

Well, after a few months of running in hopes of improving my medical condition, I put my body to the test for a good cause for a charity.  3 laps around Patriot circle, and not knowing that the terrain was a slow decline, and then a greuling incline towards the finish line.  The weather was really nice, it was cloudy, with a bit of an overcast, slight drizzle and couldn’t have asked for a better day.   The first lap was pretty good, had a strong pace.  I started near the middle of the pack, and then started to weave my way through the crowd to catch up to the front runners.  Knowing that this is my first 10k, I had to conserve my energy.  Then come the 2nd lap the slow incline started to wear me down.  On the 3rd lap my body wanted to stop by my mind kept me going towards the finish line.  After the final bend, I got a sudden burst of adrenalin and sprinted to the finish line.  Gasping for air, I picked up some energy drinks and banana’s at one of the water stands to recharge.  I finished 40th, and with a time of 49:06.  So about 7.9 minutes/mile.  Not bad for my first run.  It was alot of fun.  Overall a great time, would like do it again, and hope to improve on my time.