Ferrari’s 2010 Driver Dilemma

For the 2009 F1 season, the Maranello squad has Kimi Raikkonen and Felippe Massa as their primary drivers.  With the 2009 season winding down, the Maranello squad has already made the announcement that Massa will have a driver’s seat in 2010.  What about the former champ Kimi?  Ferrari hasn’t confirmed Kimi for the 2010 seat, and there is huge speculation that Fernando Alonso’s going to be signed with the team.  I like the ice man Raikkonen for his cool headed personality and ability to overtake other cars.

Let’s say Alonso does become part of Ferrari in 2010, some other good options out there is for Kimi to go back to McLaren.  Although he did have the worst of luck with McLaren with reliability of his car, I think McLaren has gotten over its woes of reliability.  Currently McLaren/Mercedes has the strongest engine in the field, and coupled with their management of KERS and aerodynamics they have built quite the rocket.  McLaren would have two former champs, Lewis Hamiltion and the Ice Man.  Wouldn’t that be a cool team?

We’ll see what happens after Suzuka.

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