OBDII scanner for 91 MR2 Turbo with Caldina swap

Had the MR2 swapped with a JDM Caldina engine.  With this swap I was looking for a way to connect an OBDII scanner and see what’s going on.  ELM327 Wi-fi interface for OBDII which cost $8.  The only workable option to connect with an app on the iPhone was to use wifi.  Apparently the blue tooth version of the ELM327 is not compatable with the iPhone.

From the trunk of the MR2, I removed all of the carpet to access the ecu.  From there you want to connect to the following pinsobd2plugPin 5 (signal ground), 7 (ISO K line), 16 (Battery +ve)

I downloaded a free app called EOBD-FACILE to read the outputs of the OBD II.