Another F1 Scandal

First it was the big McLaren spy scandal last year and they got fined a hefty $100M after they were found guilty.  As some of you F1 enthusiasts might know, Renault’s management team has been barred from F1 and motorsports.  Specifically the flamboyant Briatore.  The whistle blower, Piquet, has been let off scott free with complete immunity.  Is that the right thing?  Probably the most righteous thing to do, but you can be sure that Piquet’s name in motorsports has been dragged through the mud and good luck trying to find a job behind a world class racing team.  In some ways it was his way of retaliating back at the Renault team, and Briatore after being kicked off the team for lack of performance.  I can’t blame the guy, but he was one of the conspirators in this scandal.  Piquet had a choice in Singapore, and we know the outcome of that race.

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