Weight vest

With the winter closing in, I decided to focus more on strength training.  Seeing that getting a full home gym wasn’t an option, I looked into getting a weight vest.  There are quite a few weight vests out there, but during my online research of looking at reviews and comments, it sounded like MiR and V-max had the best comfort, fit and flexibility of interchanging different weights.  I was looking at the MiR and the key selling point was their short vest which would put most of the weight on the upper torso as opposed to a longer vest that would hug around your stomach.  Also the strap design would provide minimal bounce effect when running or jumping around.  I wouldn’t want any of these weights to fly out of the vest and land on my face or toe.

It’s highly unlikely I’m going to start off with the 50 lbs, but plan to gradually increase the weight as my strength and endurance build up.  I’m excited for the vest to arrive.  I feel like it’s something you can wear around the house when you’re cooking, going for a walk to the video store to let your body get used to.  An idea is to try wearing this vest as I am doing my P90X training.  See my other post on the P90X review.