P90X review

P90X is a weight loss system created by Beach Body, a company that offers other weight reduction programs such as Hip Hop Abs and Turbo Jam. This system claims to get your body from “regular to ripped in just 90 days.” P90X consists of 12 workout routines (a series of DVDs), a 3-phase nutrition plan, unique supplement options, a fitness guide, a progress calendar and online support. Tony Horton is the “personal trainer” for this specific weight loss program. There is a 100% 90-day satisfaction guarantee offered with P90X.

The key to this program’s effectiveness is stated to be “muscle confusion,” which basically means that numerous exercises are incorporated and encouraged to keep different muscle groups doing different things as much as possible. This way there is no “plateau” effect. Therefore the muscles do not get used to the routines and they continue to develop. The workout programs are named after the muscle groups that they work out, and these are: Chest and Back, Shoulders and Arms, Yoga X, Plyometrics, Legs and Back, Kenpo X, Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, Back and Biceps, Core Synergistics, Ab Ripper X, Cardio X and X Stretch. There are success stories posted on the official P90X website. This fitness program is stated to take one hour each day. A few additional supplies needed for P90X are resistance bands or dumbbells and a pull-up bar/place to perform pull-ups.

During the cold winters, P90X should be a good guide to keep in shape and help develop more strength in the legs in preparation for next year.  Upon trying the first DVD, Legs and Back, I was exhausted 45 minutes into the 1 hour session.  The next day my legs were burning, GREAT!  Tells me that it actually worked.  Can’t wait for the next DVD.

Which gaming console

There are three big players in the gaming console arena: Nintendo Wii, Sony Play Station 3 (PS3), and Microsoft. Xbox 360.  A few things that most people will be asking when looking to purchase a gaming console are:

Online Gaming?  If so, how much?

Wii: Yes
Xbox 360: Yes
PS3: Yes


Wii: More suitable for all ages
Xbox 360: Extensive list of games
PS3: Extensive list of games

Green friendly (Power consumption)

Wii – Very good on power consumption
Xbox 360 – Power hog
PS3 – Power hog

Other neat things

Wii – Hacks, DVD, interactive wand, great for parties
Xbox 360 – HD, Accessories, Expandable HDD, Hacks
PS3 – Blue Ray, WiFi, Browser

It really depends on what you’re looking for since every gamer has their own unique preferences.  I think if you’re willing to get a bit of a workout, the Nintendo Wii is the way to go.  But if you’re into first person shooting, and strategy, the Xbox 360 or PS3 is the way to go.

Prices for the gaming consoles have dropped considerably, which is expected for the lifecycle of any gaming product.  The pricing drops seems to be more steep which benefits the consumers, and maybe this is partly driven by the state of weak economic times.

Shooting for the moon

On October 9, 2009, NASA will launch a mission to fire two rockets to the moon.  The first moon will cause an impact to the moon.  When the twin crafts hit the lunar surface at around 6,000 mph, NASA expects “plumes of moon dust — perhaps full of ice — (to soar) 6.2 miles high above the moon’s Cabeus crater.”  We should anticipate this too happen at 7:30am EST.   It is anticipated that crash No. 1 to kick up some 350 tons of material as it slams into the crater floor at roughly twice the speed of a bullet. Once the dust settles, the impact should leave a crater some 65 feet across and 13 feet deep. Crash No. 2 should throw an additional 100 tons or upward and carve a crater perhaps 30 feet across and several feet deep.

This mission is going to cost $79M USD tax payer dollars!!

I think it would be really amazing to see what we can find underneath the surface of the moon.  What if we find another colony that lives under the moon??

Kimi’s Out

Kimi Raikkonen’s future with Ferrari ended a few days ago after it was confirmed that Fernando Alonso will be replacing Kimi.  For the 2009 season, Ferrari will have Alonso and Massa making its bid for a run at the championship.  So what does this mean for Kimi?  Well, there’s been speculation that he might be done with F1 and trying something else, like Rally races.  There’s also speculation that he’ll end up back with his former team McLaren Mercedes.

I bet Raikkonen and worked out a sweet deal with Ferrari to end his contract 1 year early.  It would be ashame to see the Ice Man Kimi make his last debut with F1 this year.  Kimi’s a talented driver and there’s no doubt in my mind that if he were to continue in F1 that he’ll be a valuable asset to the team.  I think Kimi mentioned that he would not sign with a non-high profile team.  Which makes absolute sense, but then again, look at Brawn.  They seemed to have come up with quite the car this year and are on the verge of claiming the constructor’s championship and have 2 drivers in contention for the driver’s championship.  My guess is that he’ll be back with McLaren.


I picked up 5 boxwoods today to plant infront of my home.  They were fairly inexpensive, but probably because they were only about 8″ high.  It will take some time for them to get to a reasonable height so it can provide some privacy in the front yard.  The hope is to have them grow and trim them so they can have a creative shape.  I have seen some really nice landscaping where they have made very creative shapes and representative animals.  I’ll leave them alone till after fall/winter and look to see if they need any trimming during the spring.

MR2 turbo boost

The MR2 turbo stock has a fairly conservative setting for enabling some spirited driving with its turbo.  There is a work around that allows you to get some fairly decent horsepower gains by playing around with the turbo boost.  I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on how to adjust the boost, and there are a couple of options being either a manual or electronic boost control.

I wanted just a simple and cheap way to play around with the boost.  In doing so, what I needed was a way to see how much psi boost the car was running.  Thus picked up a mechanical boost gauge.  It was pretty easy to install.  I put the boost gauge on the pillar mount.  I pulled the vacuum hose from the pillar and under the carpet, then into the engine bay.  I also had to route the MBC from the compressor to the wastegate.  Plain stock, the boost is at 7 psi.  I played around with the boost, and had to make minor increments where turning the MBC clockwise will increase the turbo.

It’s been quite a joy ride feeling how much quicker the car is when you increase the boost.  From what some of the other MR2 experts say, 15psi is probably the max to safely run on a stock car, so that’s what my car’s at now.