Apple iPhone 4g

I came across an article that talked about an Apple employee that had one too many drinks at a bar and left the upcoming Apple iPhone 4g at the establishment! How terrible must it be for Apple, but let’s hope the kid still has his job. The pictures I have seen were from Gizmodo and the phone isn’t that much different aesthetically other than with the silver trim around the sides, and 2 buttons.

You’re not the only one that’s looking for this next toy.

HD Antenna

I just picked up the Terk HDTVO HD antenna and have read mixed reviews. For the die hard HD antenna folks, they recommend going with something not so fancy. The thing that sold me was the ability to attach it to a satellite dish mount. I have a satellite dish on my roof already and it’s not being used at all.

So far it’s worked out very nicely and have been able to pick up some new channels too!